Why Is This Called F... Again

Once upon a time, while in a school in USSR (and later in Eastern Europe) the bane of my existence was the "F... Again" picture by Reshetnikov. This "pinnacle of socialist realism" was a recurring topic for essays both homework and in class. It was one of the most reviled student torture tools in the schoolmonster's armoury. I hated with passion every single minute when I had to commiserate with the "poor mother", empathise with the "straight A communist youth (pioneer) sister" and join the chorus of condemnation against the dunce who brought yet another F from school. In fact, deep inside my heart I was commiserating with the poor dunce and applauding the only creature treating him nicely - the family mutt.

Was Eastern Europe Communist? It was not - their form of government was a Theocracy

Another day, another facepalm. I am reading the comment section on the Guardian to the rather excellent article called "The task of politics today is to scare the capitalists as much as communism did" by and I keep facepalming. How can people be so clueless and how bad is our education to produce such a pervasive F...

F35 - the Ultimate Case of Stealth Kool Aid Intoxication

I recently came across this article originally published by SINA (Chinese State News Agency). I apologise for the rather horrible Google translation, but that is the level of machine translation we get today. 

BrExit - the ultimate Distraction Burglary

This is yet another F... Again, this time in Psychology. Ever wondered why people continue to persist in their BrExit belief? Ever seen a decent explanation? No, and it is not surprising as all the King's Man of our esteemed Liberal Media supported by all of the Stink Tanks feeding them with Stinking ideas have failed to see it for what it is - Distraction Burglary. It is the same spiel which fortune tellers have used to pray on market goers (and more recently rich tourists) for a millennium (or more).

Did Russians Swing the 2016 Election - Maybe. There is a Lithany of F... Agains in the Analysis.

So, according to Mr Mueller, the Russians meddled in the last elections. The non-classified portions of his report as well as the publicly available indictments make for a very interesting reading:

The Fish Rots From the Head - we have seen the agencies "Russian Knowledge" before

I had a strong sense of deja vu when reading the CNN article on the FBI Russian adverts. It is not the first time we see an epic fail in the knowledge of Russian by powers that be in the USA and we have seen it at much higher levels. In fact, I now remember where I have seen this again - Hillary Rodham Clinton's wonderful Reset Button. It was a similar F... Again in Russian.

I got a bomb threat and I love it. It is an F... Again... In Bombmaking

I am crawling from under the table after a bout of uncontrollable laughter. I got a bomb threat and I love it. It is another F... Again, this time in bomb making. It will be interesting how to do an F... Again report without running afoul of the UK thought crime laws though.

So, here is the email in question with the most interesting bits marked in RED:

SCL Crown Jewel - Gaslighting Europe about Peace in ex-Yugoslavia

It is funny how little does it take for half of the continent to attain a venerable F... Again in History. Actually it is probably not that little. We do not know what was the actual spend of NATO on its primary 1990-es information warfare contractor - the SCL group. We can, however see the result - when fake news are promoted to the status of ultimate truth.

So, did NATO bring us peace in ex-Yugoslavia? The answer is "it participated, had a key role and stole all the credit from everybody else".

Gaslighting the World for Fun and Profit - BDI/SCL and their CA progeny.

There is an F... Again here as well. It is awarded to the Guardian for yet another Fail in Investigative Journalism.

USA "3 letters" and Russian or where do they even find such morons?

I am sitting and looking at a CNN article in despair (while most of Russia is probably laughing like there is no tomorrow).

It is THIS article https://edition.cnn.com/2019/10/02/politics/fbi-facebook-russia-ads/inde...