Why Is This Called F... Again

Once upon a time, while in a school in USSR (and later in Eastern Europe) the bane of my existence was the "F... Again" picture by Reshetnikov. This "pinnacle of socialist realism" was a recurring topic for essays both homework and in class. It was one of the most reviled student torture tools in the schoolmonster's armoury. I hated with passion every single minute when I had to commiserate with the "poor mother", empathise with the "straight A communist youth (pioneer) sister" and join the chorus of condemnation against the dunce who brought yet another F from school. In fact, deep inside my heart I was commiserating with the poor dunce and applauding the only creature treating him nicely - the family mutt.

Rule Number One of Modern Journalism - Always Go for the Man

It seems that Rule Number One of modern Journalism is "Always Go For the Man, Not The Ball". It is done in everything - from OPCW Scandals to COVID19. By the way, we should not forget; Rule Number Two: "Always shove your agenda down the reader's throat". A modern journalist to go to any number of F...Agains in anything to comply with those rules and the story of Hydroxychloroquine and COVID19 provides an excellent illustration for both.

The Teleworking G20 or "My God, It's Fool of N00Bs"

As someone who has worked from home for 14 years I have to admit, I could not stop chuckling when I saw the G20 TeleWorking version. OK, as someone who even has a dedicated art (and nowadays ballet/capoeira) teleconf rigs in addition to 3 office ones in his house I am probably a bit spoiled. However, I am just an individual. So, I would not expect the most powerful 20 world leaders to have so many N00B fails at teleworking amidst them. F... Again after F...

Finally. Halleluyah. A Family Tree of the Coronavirus

Kim's infamous no mask stand on Coronavirus

Time and again I am amazed and surprised by how unobservant is the average UK reporter. Everyone and their dog ranted about how North Korea's Kim observed exercises without a mask in front of masked officials. None of them, however paid any attention to Kim himself. F... Again... in human anatomy and investigative reporting.

Austerity the Tory Way - The Ultimate Pump and Dump Scam

Time and again, I read our best beloved "Al Jazeera in Print" (aka The Guardian) and time and again I want to headdesk. Is it so difficult to identify the Tory Austerity for what it really was - a Pump and Dump style Scam? Is it so difficult to see that it is all set up, deliberate and that the key players are going to benefit handsomely from it. But, as usual, our best beloved "Al Jazeera in Print" loudhailer is getting yet another F... Again in investigative reporting.

The Best Way to Advertise Law Enforcement? Break the Law

Yet another F... Again in Russian from the FBI. This time it is accompanied by an F... Again in Law.

It looks like the FBI has not learned the lesson of posting advertisements in Russian with 10-odd spelling and grammar errors in them. It has now upped the ante. It has posted an advertisement for its own services using the visage of a crooked cop without a copyright permission.

The OPCW Whistleblower Report or When in Doubt Always Go For the Man, Not the Ball

There is an old saying - you do not win an argument by ad Hominem. This clearly has to be amended in this day and age: "You do win an argument by ad Hominem - if there is a media campaign to support you". While the ultimate master of this is unquestionably Donald Trump, it is in fact in use by everyone including all the ones who criticise him for using it like surprise, surprise, our best beloved liberal newspaper - The Guardian.

The Ethylamine Elephant in the Corner of the Sarin Room

Once and again, I had a feeling of Deja Vu while observing the various proceedings in the spectacle of mutual accusations around the OPCW Douma report and the OPCW Leaks. It has been gnawing me for weeks that there is something missing here and everyone keeps carefully trying to skirt it. It finally got to me yesterday - what is missing is Ammonia Avenue. Yes, it is a joke - one which is based solidly on top of an F... Again in Chemistry which may in fact go to me.

Another Day Another "Evidence to Match the Narrative" Job - just like MH017

Our best beloved "Liberal Values" rag The Guardian has once again got me into a facepalm state. They really love to push a dubious narrative if spoon fed to them by their handler. And in doing so they as usually do a whole sequence of F... Agains in investigative journalism, physics, etc.