Why Is This Called F... Again

Once upon a time, while in a school in USSR (and later in Eastern Europe) the bane of my existence was the "F... Again" picture by Reshetnikov. This "pinnacle of socialist realism" was a recurring topic for essays both homework and in class. It was one of the most reviled student torture tools in the schoolmonster's armoury. I hated with passion every single minute when I had to commiserate with the "poor mother", empathise with the "straight A communist youth (pioneer) sister" and join the chorus of condemnation against the dunce who brought yet another F from school. In fact, deep inside my heart I was commiserating with the poor dunce and applauding the only creature treating him nicely - the family mutt.

1500 protesters in Moscow on the 31st of Jan? Did they gather at "Putin's Palace" too?

Woah... What a giant protest. 1500 arrested.

Mind boggles.

Or maybe not (looking at the actual aerial shots from Mash). Moscow is second from the left in the top row.

So, what was Navalny's 23rd of January 2020 protest all about?

I followed the Navalny protests using the live streams during most of the day.

First of all, some imagery from it - stuff that will be carefully edited out by our media to fit the narrative.

A selection of Navalny supporters.

The presentation of Georgia vs Russia in ECHR in th media. A case of exemplary disinformation - the best example I have seen so far

This is probably the best and most exemplary case of "gotcha" when you catch the usual suspects in peddling openly and brazenly disinformation.

So Gotcha:

Exhibit A) The ECHR Ruling on the Georgia case against Russia regarding human rights violations in the 2008 war: https://www.echr.coe.int/Documents/GC_Judgment_20210121_ENG.PDF

How Not to End Up As Vlad's Whipping Boy - A Lesson Our Media Keeps Failing To Learn

I am writing this while scratching Vlad behind the year. Vlad in the meantime is being Vlad - cute and cuddly, albeit a little bit loud and obnoxious at times. Different Vlad though - it's a Black Russian we adopted after some sick bastard chucked him on the street. Very nice, very cute, very cuddly, very sociable, unbelievably patient and good natured, but still armed with 20 sharp razor blades (I did not call him Vlad by the way - the shelter did).

On the SolarWinds Hack or When Total Information Awareness is the Chainsaw Which Gently Buggers You Sidewise

Once upon a time during the 4-5 years it took me to transition fully from Chemistry and Molecular Biology to Computer Science I did a stint in Information Security. In fact, I even worked in one of the European attempts to replicate the US CERT. As Information Security became more and more political and it became more important to demonstrate gagging reflex suppression worthy of Abela Danger than do actual security work, I dropped it completely.

On the Psychology of Eastern Slavs - Some Thoughts on Samuel Pisar RIA interview 2010

I have to admit, it's been a while since something me struck me as deep as Samuel Pisar's interview to RIA in 2010. The stepfather of Biden's choice for a Secretary of State has been through hell and beyond. He has been where no other person has ever been and has returned from there. He is the only person to have survived the three deepest circles of Hell - Maidanek, Aushwitz and Dachau. He has observed the horrors of the Holocaust and other Nazi Germany atrocities from the front row.

The Biggest Lesson of Karabakh War - We need AWACS drones

The dust is just about settled now. The smoke of the burning houses of people refusing to leave anything useable to the enemy is in the air. The Russian peacekeepers are on the ground. We also know that the Azerbaijani were hours away from completely routing the Armenians at the time of the peace accord.

The Dubious Art of Using Metabolites as Irrefutable Evidence

Early Disclaimers:

  1. I have an MSc in Chemistry (GPA 5.52 on a 0-6 scale) and nearly complete set of courses for a second one in Molecular Biology
  2. I had the Fundamentals of Toxicity course in year four - it was standard part of the curiculum and in fact I drew V gases and their mechanism of toxicity as the question on the final exam.
  3. I have worked with organophosphorus (albeit different one - modified nucleosides) for my MSc thesis.

How To Poison The Opposition So That It Survives

I came across this article when browsing the Russian press. As it is using a still frame with the visage of Kot Begemot from the rather lame 2005 version of Master and Margarita as the author (despite attributing it to a different cat), I could not resist to translate it. I have also provided some links and commentary for the people and subjects less prevalent in English speaking popular culture. Other than that the material is as is.