Why Is This Called F... Again

Once upon a time, while in a school in USSR (and later in Eastern Europe) the bane of my existence was the "F... Again" picture by Reshetnikov. This "pinnacle of socialist realism" was a recurring topic for essays both homework and in class. It was one of the most reviled student torture tools in the schoolmonster's armoury. I hated with passion every single minute when I had to commiserate with the "poor mother", empathise with the "straight A communist youth (pioneer) sister" and join the chorus of condemnation against the dunce who brought yet another F from school. In fact, deep inside my heart I was commiserating with the poor dunce and applauding the only creature treating him nicely - the family mutt.

Now, many years later, Reshetnikov no longer elicits the same level of hatred. As an adult I can empathise with the mother and her despair at her idiot offspring. It is also what comes to my mind every time I see complete and utter failure of the education system in a prominent individual.

Every time our dear prime minister (whoever he or she is today), ministers, politicians and journalists try to feed us bovine faecal material with a snow shovel one thing comes to my mind - Reshetnikov's F... Again. Someone has brought an F from school all right - be it failure in his or her GCSEs, A levels, their degree or in some cases their "first 7 years".

There is another major difference. Once upon a time I commiserated with the poor dunce. It was difficult not to pity him. That is not the case with the dunces which try to feed us bovine faecal matter by the wheelbarrow. In fact, it's just the opposite.

This website is dedicated to the most egregious cases of "Brought an F... From School" by our dear politicians, especially the ones which have had a significant amount of spend to suppress the fact that it's an F.

By the way, the wikipedia article on this painting is rubbish. First of all, It is a "total fail", not "low marks". Second, dvoika (2) is F in the old Russian educational system because 1 was given for disciplinary failures only. 2 meant that you are dumb as a brick, not that you got caught copying someone's else homework. For that you got a ONE. So the actual mapping is indeed F, not D as in the rather clueless Wikipedia article.