The OPCW Whistleblower Report or When in Doubt Always Go For the Man, Not the Ball

There is an old saying - you do not win an argument by ad Hominem. This clearly has to be amended in this day and age: "You do win an argument by ad Hominem - if there is a media campaign to support you". While the ultimate master of this is unquestionably Donald Trump, it is in fact in use by everyone including all the ones who criticise him for using it like surprise, surprise, our best beloved liberal newspaper - The Guardian.

So, back off my soapbox and onto the actual ad-hominem. The entire OPCW report on the whistle-blower leaks has failed to address even one of the factual claims and have concentrated on going studs first at the whistle-blower.

It fails to address:

  1. The fact the deputy director has ordered the destruction of any evidence and documents which may contradict the official version.
  2. Any of the facts in the unpublished ballistic assessment report which have come to the same conclusion as me - that there is only one way for the "on the bed" cylinder to appear in the shape it appears in Douma - for it to be brought there.
  3. The internal decision not publish the aforementioned report and the lack of document trail in reaching the decision.
  4. The fact that the after failing to find any Sarin (official Douma report at OPCW) as claimed by Theresa May, Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron in public, the OPCW did not perform any of the possible analysis for "companion compounds" present in a nerve gas chemical weapon and left the question deliberately as "ambiguous" as possible.
  5. Most other facts raised by the whistle-blowers and present in the leaks.

In fact, it goes for the man, not for the ball line by line every line from the beginning to the end.

Yep. Lovely. Studs forward

If you cannot win otherwise, always go for the man, not the ball (image courtesy of