The Best Way to Advertise Law Enforcement? Break the Law

Yet another F... Again in Russian from the FBI. This time it is accompanied by an F... Again in Law.

It looks like the FBI has not learned the lesson of posting advertisements in Russian with 10-odd spelling and grammar errors in them. It has now upped the ante. It has posted an advertisement for its own services using the visage of a crooked cop without a copyright permission.

This is an image from a cult 1980es Russian movie called "Место Встречи Изменить Нельзя". The picture is of one of the greatest Russian artists and poets of all time - Vladimir Vysotski.

First of all, the movie is still under copyright, it is owned by the original producing company which still exists and you cannot use stills for commercial purposes without permission. According to Russian media - permission was not saught. So much for FBI obeying the law.

The more interesting part, however,  is the claim in the Russian language part of the caption that they "also love Vysotsky". It is a very interesting statement from the perspective of this particular still. In this movie Vysotski plays a "anything goes to catch the perp" experienced cop who is teaching a rookie his ways of achieving the goal during the post-WW2 organized crime wave in Russia.

Within the first five minutes of the movie he uses professional pickpocketer methods to PLANT EVIDENCE on a suspect to extract information from him. So... Are we looking at FBI in a Nutshell - "break the law and have a law breaking cop as your icon"?

Or... just another F... Again.


It looks like either RT is copying from my blog without attribution or has come to the same conclusion - they posted this ~ 2h after me: - at 10:00 on the same day (mine is at 8:20).