Austerity the Tory Way - The Ultimate Pump and Dump Scam

Time and again, I read our best beloved "Al Jazeera in Print" (aka The Guardian) and time and again I want to headdesk. Is it so difficult to identify the Tory Austerity for what it really was - a Pump and Dump style Scam? Is it so difficult to see that it is all set up, deliberate and that the key players are going to benefit handsomely from it. But, as usual, our best beloved "Al Jazeera in Print" loudhailer is getting yet another F... Again in investigative reporting.

The key question to be asked when looking at something from an investigative perspective is always Cui Bono? Who benefits? There are clear beneficiaries of the cycle of Austerity, Investment, Austerity, Investment. These are companies which provide services like Serco, Capita, Virgin Healthcare, etc. Most of them either sponsor the parties which push austerity or individual austerity politicians have "legitimate" interests in them. All of them benefit handsomely from austerity and purse release cycles.

You are probably thinking that the Behemoth Cat has had too much fermented milk, but no. That is actually the case - you need to look at it over the whole Austerity + Money Handed out cycle.

So, where are we at the start of Austerity? We have a working state run service with some staff and a budget. Austerity cuts the budget and the service has to be cut down. The first ones to go are usually the people responsible for the "utilization" of the money - project managers, HR, etc. They all can find work in the private sector. Next are the people who do the actual work. At the end the service is reduced to an emaciated starving hulk which can barely perform a minimum of its required functions (if any at all).

That is the point when austerity stops and the people who control the purse come with a lovely 32 carat Javid (or Sunak nowadays) smile (TM) and say: "Here, there are a couple of billions, provide some service".

There is a problem though - the emaciated hulk cannot assimilate the money. The people who could utilize it to ramp up are all gone. There are none left. So the service "needs help" and that is the point when the sponsors of austerity and austere politicians step in. They are ready and here to provide help and deliver what the state owned service cannot do any more. They have been waiting for that moment and supporting the process with donations to the politicos which drive it.

Rinse, repeat. Austerity, Handout Bonanza, Pump and Dump.

After every cylce there are less services and more state money is transferred directly to the sponsors of the politicians who have organized the austerity-bonanza cycle. For every pound they pay as a donation, they get millions back to provide "help".

It is what it is - corruption. Plain, right in the open and in your face. It also works with scales and amounts of money which will make even GigaKleptocracies like Russia pale by comparison.