Kim's infamous no mask stand on Coronavirus

Time and again I am amazed and surprised by how unobservant is the average UK reporter. Everyone and their dog ranted about how North Korea's Kim observed exercises without a mask in front of masked officials. None of them, however paid any attention to Kim himself. F... Again... in human anatomy and investigative reporting.

First of all, a little introduction to the anatomy of the human skull. Once the skull shape settles in late puberty it will undergo only minimal changes until the person dies. In fact, some dimensions, such as distance between ears, distance of cheekbones to nose, etc are so constant that they were used to identify criminals in the days before fingerprints.

So, how does Kim look from a Bertillon standpoint? HE LOOKS WEIRD. While he was always "Fat Kim The Third", he suddenly grew extra 15% fat at some point in the last 10 years. Not just that - his fat somehow "changed" the bone structure of his face. The distance ear to ear and the distance ear to nose in his "coronavirus snaps" has increased by 10-15% or thereabouts and one of the key Bertillionage angles has changed.

His cheekbones on all older photographs are IN FRONT of his eye brow ridge by more than a cm. On the Coronavirus snaps they are level if not even slightly recessed as if his forehead has somehow "grown" a couple of cms overnight.

Normal Coronavirus Kim (from Time magazine, article linked).

Different cheekbone angle, different angle between nose-to-ear line, nose-to-cheekbone line and nose to eyeball line, and so on. Just take a Bertillon book and run the basic metrics and they do not quite match (to the extent we can do that using photos).

For even better comparison have a look at the coronavirus snaps and compare them to the zoomable image from Getty which you can find in this CNBC article (probably one of the best Kim images on the Net).

That cannot happen naturally. It can happen, if you are utterly paranoid, have snuffed your half-brother with nerve gas and you are constantly expecting a coup. It is called a mask. One with filters and (maybe) even an emergency isolated air supply. In fact, it is obvious even without comparing his current "fatness" to his old images - just look at his head versus the other people in the photo.

So no wonder he is standing unmasked in front of his troops. 'cause he actually I do not think he is unmasked. That looks like he has one. Better than the ones they got. We should probably stop calling him Kim and start calling him Lt. Worf (that was a good latex job by the way even by the 1980es standards).