The Teleworking G20 or "My God, It's Fool of N00Bs"

As someone who has worked from home for 14 years I have to admit, I could not stop chuckling when I saw the G20 TeleWorking version. OK, as someone who even has a dedicated art (and nowadays ballet/capoeira) teleconf rigs in addition to 3 office ones in his house I am probably a bit spoiled. However, I am just an individual. So, I would not expect the most powerful 20 world leaders to have so many N00B fails at teleworking amidst them. F... Again after F... Again by the IT support of all of these "renowned world leaders"

Image from the guardian linked to the original article so you can zoom on it:

So, where shall we start.

  • The title of N00Best N00B of the G20 goes to the second from bottom on the right. I have no clue who is this clueless individual. The one WITH THE LIGHTS BEHIND HIM which shine into the camera. A teleconference call is not the interrogation chamber, shining a lamp in Vlad's eyes and asking him "did you really do that" does not work remotely.
  • N00B Number two is probably Trump. First of all, he is one of 20 and not the glorious one and only golden baboon he sees on his own 50+ inch TV.  The way he is sitting at the bottom of the room results in him looking like a gnat when combined with the other 20. To add insult to injury, the USA coat of arms is straight on top of his head so it looks like the golden toilet in Steve Bell's cartoons.#
  • NOOB Number Three is the Saudi Crown Prince who also does not realise that his visage has to compete with 22 more people and is similarly assuming the gnat position. Probably same problem as Trump due to the TV in the room being proportional to his ego size.
  • N00B Number Four is Vlad. Sure, he is showing some signs of being a teleworker pro by using a headset, but he is OUT OF FOCUS
  • N00B Number Five is, of course, Bloody Stupid Johnson. Once again, Light Behind him, face in the dark, probably hiding in the basement of some villa on Mustique.
  • N00B Number Six whoever is second from left in the bottom row. This one at the very least has light from the front, but it is so intense that it completely whitewashes the picture.

These are the most powerful men (and the occasional woman) in the world... With apologies to Sir Arthur Clarke: "Oh my God, It's fool of N00Bs". They cannot even get their IT and assistants to sort out a decent teleconference for them.