The Art of Novichok Fuelled Time Travel

Yet another spectacular failure of investigative journalism. While weeding through the torrent of pseudoscientific disinformation, would require some knowledge of Chemistry and Biochemistry, this one is 100% what investigative journalists do for a living - check timelines. The timeline of the latest Navalny incident is so way off that it beggars belief that the "investigative journalists" like the Spiegel newsdesk have failed to notice it.

A classic F... Again in investigative reporting.


Time travel and Novichok are old bedfellows. The whole UK media (as well as most of the Western European media) continues to insist that it is "a signature Putin Weapon", while in fact, the first proven (with a court case) murder from Novichok dates 1996. It is the MOB murder of the Banker Ivan Kivelidi. So, in order to "kill him with his Signature FSB Weapon", Putin has to hop into the Tardis, go back to 1996, kill him, hop back and go back to his presidential duties. Cute timeline, isn't it?

So with this the knowledge that f*cking up the timeline in the name of disinformation is a regular occurance, we go and check the timeline of the so called Navalny "poisoning" (quotes intended).


Shortly before 8:00 - Navalny team takes selfies on the airport bus. Navalny is fine.

8:06 Navalny is fine - flight just took off.

Flight SBI2614, S7 airlines Tomsk to Domodedovo, Boeing 737-83N serial number 28243 takes of 11 minutes late for Moscow from Tomsk. The flight does not have any broadband installation for passenger according to all sources currently available. The flight has onboard WiFi not connected to the Internet for entertainment purposes - streaming movies from onboard storage.

8:30 Navalny on the aircraft in real life is still fine

First news that he is deathly ill emerge on the ground. Source - Navanly organization.

8:50 Navalny is still fine

Russian MP Boris Titov arrives from airport for arranged early check-in at the hotel.

Source A: Interview with Boris Titov - he met the Navalny crew.

Source B: Navanly crew trying to connect him with the assasination and confirming they met him.

9:00 Navalny is still fine

Navalny organization breaks into his hotel room to collect the "irrefutable evidence of poisoning". Source, video by Navanly crew:

The video has 2 occurrences of clocks to confirm the time - 10s and 40-53s. First is hotel alarm clock, second is the watch on the hand of one of the crew.

The time on the clocks can be confirmed versus the shadow of the lamp at 12-13 seconds:

Additionally, there should be no shadow after 9:30 due to the weather changing to cloudy

Aircraft is still moving towards Moscow at that time:

9:10 Navalny feels unwell and goes to the toilet. Collapses in the isle.

Boris Titov leaves the hotel for a 9:30 meeting with Tomsk governor.

This provides an additional confirmation bracket for the Navalny crew video confirming it to be 18 minutes before the "event".

9:18 Flight Diverts to Omsk

18 minutes after the "collection of irrefutable evidence of poisoning"

48 minutes after the news that "Our Great Cult Leader The Anti-Corruption Jesus has been poisoned"

9:50 Flight drops to altitude and speed where phones can connect to the mobile network

That is the first point where a passenger onboard could communicate the details of the incident to another person.

9.56 Flight Lands


This does not need any further comment. What beggars belief is the level of indoctrination (or is it corruption) of the media not to notice that the "collection of evidence" is taking 18 minutes before the "crime is committed" and at least 40 (if not 50) minutes before it "is known".