I got a bomb threat and I love it. It is an F... Again... In Bombmaking

I am crawling from under the table after a bout of uncontrollable laughter. I got a bomb threat and I love it. It is another F... Again, this time in bomb making. It will be interesting how to do an F... Again report without running afoul of the UK thought crime laws though.

So, here is the email in question with the most interesting bits marked in RED:

SCL Crown Jewel - Gaslighting Europe about Peace in ex-Yugoslavia

It is funny how little does it take for half of the continent to attain a venerable F... Again in History. Actually it is probably not that little. We do not know what was the actual spend of NATO on its primary 1990-es information warfare contractor - the SCL group. We can, however see the result - when fake news are promoted to the status of ultimate truth.

So, did NATO bring us peace in ex-Yugoslavia? The answer is "it participated, had a key role and stole all the credit from everybody else".

Gaslighting the World for Fun and Profit - BDI/SCL and their CA progeny.

There is an F... Again here as well. It is awarded to the Guardian for yet another Fail in Investigative Journalism.

USA "3 letters" and Russian or where do they even find such morons?

I am sitting and looking at a CNN article in despair (while most of Russia is probably laughing like there is no tomorrow).

It is THIS article https://edition.cnn.com/2019/10/02/politics/fbi-facebook-russia-ads/inde...

So was Russia violating the INF? The answer is yes, but not in the way we claim

The INF debacle is possibly one of the best examples of how our powers that be have no clue and spout pre-baked rubbish which has been prepared for them by similarly clueless speech writers. It is a litany of F... Agains in engineering.

Global Warming? If history is to be believed - not this winter.

So, what are we going to have? Yet another winter where we do not see single snowflake? Or a winter from hell like in the winter of 1812 or the winters of the 1940es? According the alarmist sosciety, it will be the former. IMHO, that's an F... Again in history and meteorology.

I am willing to bet a case of something drinkable that it will be the latter.

Back to the question of Stealth/Huawei Clown Show - Lessons from the Saudi Cruise Missile attack

I am writing this after the dust has settled so we can read several very good analysis of the incident. There is an extremely well written analysis of the weapons used at the Arms Control Wonk blog.

Is There a Way to (dis)prove the Reports That Georgia is Running a Bioweapon's Programme for the Pentagon

I came across this for the first time more than a year ago when the Russian press started publishing documents by an exiled Georgian general (Igor Georgadze) to demonstrate Georgian involvement in a clandestine Pentagon bioweapons programme.

What do you get from a journalist writing an article on Biological Warfare? An F... Again Of Course

Another Day, another F... Again. This time the Guardian esteemed "Global Development Editor" is musing about did the Pentagon have anything to do with the Lyme Disease spread in the USA. When reading stuff like this I sometime think that one day the facepalm would need surgery to be removed off my face. So, where shall we start?

FaceApp and Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Don't we all love a nice storm in a teacup especially with some Russian jam on the side? The last storm in a teacup is FaceApp. Oh my god, it stole all those westerner faces, personally identified them and loaded them in a Russian database. Everyone run for the hills, Russians under our bed and in our phones.