Never leave a loaded gun if you do not know who will pick it up

Every morning, when I read the news I have a strong sense of Deja Vu. It was hard to pin it down. Everything I see I have seen before and it was something I saw myself, not something from the history book. So, just where did I see it? The answer to that came up during a conversation with a friend of mine. Yes, we have seen this B-movie before.

We saw it 30 years ago after the fall of the wall.

The "Liberal Values Are Dead" ridiculous clownshow

It is the week of facepalm. No, not facepalm. Double facepalm. No, not double facepalm, implied facepalm.

No, not even that, no facepalm can describe the F... Again in Logic on topped up with an F... Again in Rhetoric in the "liberal" Western press when responding to Putin's "Liberal values are dead" Interview to Financial times.

Hanlon Razor in the Buk Indictment

I just came across an explanation for the location shenanigans this morning when reading the Russian press next to the UK press. I always do that with my morning coffee. A good approximation of what can be believed on first read is whatever is present in both - you bring up one on the left half the screen, the other on the right and mentally scratch out all the differences. In this case the more nationalistic bits of the Russian press are up in flames regarding the Dutch "falsifying the MH017 evidence".

First and foremost, they are working based on what is presented - what is presented to press does not equate to what is in the actual ballistic analysis and is not what we will (hopefully) one day see in court. As the full ballistic analysis from the full unedited commission report on the missile is still classified it is difficult to say if they are right or wrong.

Second, even if what they noticed is correct, they got the root cause wrong. It is not likely to be falsification, it is what we call a "f*ckup" - F... Again in Engineering which was missed due to severe case of confirmation bias.

The infamous Buk in Donetsk Continued - Location Shenanigans

To be honest, I did not pay attention to this particular aspect until the June 2019 indictments of 4 individuals in relation to the accident. When I was watching the indictment and following the resulting media coverage one detail immediately struck me: They changed the launch location.

I smeel yet another F... Again here, one in geography and maybe a few other disciplines.

Did the Soviets Really Win WW2 by Piling Bodies?

It is once again that time of the year, when our politicians engage in chest beating about the greatest operation ever while ignoring anything which was going on the Eastern Front in WW2. It is also the time of the year when the Russians grumble about us being ungrateful and unappreciative of their gigantic losses. In the really few cases when one of out politicians acknowledges them, they use derogatory terms about them piling bodies to win the war. Yep, you guessed right, it is yet another D-Day anniversary and time for yet another F... Again in History.

Oh, my god, this camera recognized me, the world is going to end

Yet another F... Again, this time in Information Technology.

Facial recognition is a recurring topic in all various media, both professional IT ones like The Register or liberal like The Guardian. Time after time there is yet another article about face recognition off CCTV being the end of democracy as we know it.

The Stealthy Emperor With No Clothes

As most people who work their day job in IT and used to work on mobile technology I have been following with extreme interest the ongoing Huawei saga. The further and further it goes I get a deeper and deeper gut feeling that all sides involved are hiding the real reason for the spat. I smell a gigantic F... again in physics and a similarly big one in math here.

Underestimating the energy of free-fall or the magically floating Duma cylinders

F... Again... In physics this time.

Breaking News: the OPCW engineers went through a very similar albeit much more detailed set of calculations and analysis like me and reached similar conclusions. They even used photos of the same cylinder I used for damage comparison in their report.

Someone Washed the Tips Again (Male DNA in Female Samples).

This one looks like an F... Again in Chemistry and F... Again in Molecular Biology.  It is also a very typical Russian F... Again.

Dissolving A Body in Aqua Regia. Kids, Do Not Try That At Home

This one is a definite F... Again in Chemistry

Aqua regia... The magic water of the ancient alchemist which is supposed to dissolve anything and everything. There is a minor problem - it does not.