The infamous Buk in Donetsk Video

F... Again - this time in multiple sciences

This would be an interesting F... Again In fact it is an F... in a non-scientific discipline (though we can probably stretch some physics into it). It is an F.. Again in Art.

The Unscientific Fiction of Mixing Chlorine and Sarin

An obvious F... Again in chemistry.

The Despicable Blockade of the Kerch Straits

Another F... Again... in Geography and an F... Again... in Meteorology

The "Kerch Straights Incident" - which was not in Kerch

F... Again... in Geography

It was quite entertaining watching a Geography graduate fuming about the despicable conduct of Russia blocking the Kerch straights in the context of so called Kerch Strait Incident. Why I was entertained? Because IT WAS NOT IN THE KERCH STRAITS.

When I saw the first videos from the incident I was sitting dumb-founded and thinking: This is not Kerch. And indeed it is not.

Here is the video from the coast guard tug while ramming the Ukrainian tug