The "Fiddled" Russian COVID19 Mortality Numbers

I have been following the saga of the "Fiddled Russian COVID19 Mortality" numbers for a while and it looks more and more like yet another F... Again. It is a basic F... Again in Primary care amplified by a whole raft of F... Agains in analysis with an F... Again in Disinformation trying to fix all of them so it looks good and fits our narrative.

How to lie with statistics or the curious case of Russian COVID19 mortality figures

I was initially going to ignore the brouhaha around FT and NYT publishing figures which differ from the Russian official ones for mortality, but at the end I could not resist. It just could not miss such a classic F... Again in investigative journalism.

The Ethylamine Elephant in the Corner of the Sarin Room

Once and again, I had a feeling of Deja Vu while observing the various proceedings in the spectacle of mutual accusations around the OPCW Douma report and the OPCW Leaks. It has been gnawing me for weeks that there is something missing here and everyone keeps carefully trying to skirt it. It finally got to me yesterday - what is missing is Ammonia Avenue. Yes, it is a joke - one which is based solidly on top of an F... Again in Chemistry which may in fact go to me.

Another Day Another "Evidence to Match the Narrative" Job - just like MH017

Our best beloved "Liberal Values" rag The Guardian has once again got me into a facepalm state. They really love to push a dubious narrative if spoon fed to them by their handler. And in doing so they as usually do a whole sequence of F... Agains in investigative journalism, physics, etc.

Did Ukraine influence our politics (including elections) during the last 5 years?

Time and again I see this claim in various liberal articles: "Ukraine influence is a fake news conspiracy theory". It usually goes along in one sentence with "proven Russian interference". I usually do not comment on matters which are nearly 100% political and have virtually zero scientific quotient. In this particular case I will make an exception as the level of F... Again in this statement is off the scale.

The Horrifying Threat from the Warsaw Pact. Truth or yet another piece of NATO propaganda?

One of the oldest and most promoted NATO propaganda spiels was "the hideous threat from a Warsaw Block Attack". This propaganda piece is as old NATO itself and it is essential for the self-sustaining nature of the block. It needed constant justification to feed itself so it continued to overblow the threat of invasion to ensure its funding in a manner similar to the one it used to reinvent the Russian threat after 1991. This spiel has always been an obvious F... Again in analysis.

Was Eastern Europe Communist? It was not - their form of government was a Theocracy

Another day, another facepalm. I am reading the comment section on the Guardian to the rather excellent article called "The task of politics today is to scare the capitalists as much as communism did" by and I keep facepalming. How can people be so clueless and how bad is our education to produce such a pervasive F...

F35 - the Ultimate Case of Stealth Kool Aid Intoxication

I recently came across this article originally published by SINA (Chinese State News Agency). I apologise for the rather horrible Google translation, but that is the level of machine translation we get today. 

BrExit - the ultimate Distraction Burglary

This is yet another F... Again, this time in Psychology. Ever wondered why people continue to persist in their BrExit belief? Ever seen a decent explanation? No, and it is not surprising as all the King's Man of our esteemed Liberal Media supported by all of the Stink Tanks feeding them with Stinking ideas have failed to see it for what it is - Distraction Burglary. It is the same spiel which fortune tellers have used to pray on market goers (and more recently rich tourists) for a millennium (or more).

SCL Crown Jewel - Gaslighting Europe about Peace in ex-Yugoslavia

It is funny how little does it take for half of the continent to attain a venerable F... Again in History. Actually it is probably not that little. We do not know what was the actual spend of NATO on its primary 1990-es information warfare contractor - the SCL group. We can, however see the result - when fake news are promoted to the status of ultimate truth.

So, did NATO bring us peace in ex-Yugoslavia? The answer is "it participated, had a key role and stole all the credit from everybody else".